February 2015: A date with a Robin - itoImagePhotography

February 2015: A date with a Robin

Its sun rise and I'm sat in a hide waiting for Kingfishers, its rare for them to show well at this location in the winter, but without venturing out and taking a chance you just never know, you may just miss them. I watch the reeds dancing in the cold wind, its a distraction from the cold numbing pain i start to get in my fingers and toes.

Temperature barely hits 2 Celsius and a bitter wind whips down the lake and into the hide but there is peace and tranquility, i wouldn't swap these moments. It starts to snow and i know my chances of seeing the kingfishers is diminishing but i have a new friend, a Robin.

I often see Robins at the hide, always happy to see people often getting a few bread crumbs from those who sit and wait, this little fellow barely is out of view for the 4 hours i sit there.

As the sun starts to rise, a final warmth peaks through the trees and the sun illuminates his favourite perch. He seems glued to it, i turn around and he is sitting there happy and content in all his glory.

I say he, he could be a she but to distinguish between the two is very hard unless you see two together where the female is the plumper of the two, other then that they look near identical.

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