November 2014: Winter High Tides - itoImagePhotography

November 2014: Winter High Tides

The Wirral coast line is also home to wintering roost so i took the opportunity recently to take a look and make some preparations for future visits. A 9.6m tide was high enough to see this wondrous spectacle close to the shore line however just a little short on pushing the roost close enough to get some images of the large tightly pack birds huddled together, perhaps a 10m tide will do this. 

Clear signs ask people not to enter the beach so that the waders are not disturbed, it takes a huge amount of energy for these little birds to take to the sky so unnecessary disturbance by photographers or dog walkers alike should always be noted. 

The images i wanted to achieve was to try and convey the shear volume of birds that take to the sky at a split second, i wanted to show the energy of this spectacle when hundreds of thousands of  waders suddenly explode with pent-up energy.

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