October 2014: Spring Deer Rut - itoImagePhotography

October 2014: Spring Deer Rut

Each October i head out and watch / photograph the annual Deer Rut in the hope that the crisp late spring weather will create the images that i have in my mind. As we all know, we cant control the weather and this October saw a familiar pattern to the past few years, warm days, no frost and on most days, grey skies with no sun set. 

The photoperiod (length of day) is what dictates when the rut will take place, the cold weather (which i would normally expect in October) allows the deer to keep active longer without overheating. A crisp and cold October will see an increase in activity and it is this that draws photographers in the hope of watching the Stags clash antlers to fight for dominance to create their harem.

I spent 3 days with the deer at the end of October, its a delight to be with them and hear the big stags bellowing across the land. The weather was warm but kind enough not to rain and i had just a mere total of 30 minutes of late afternoon clear sky and sun set to grab a few images of silhouettes that i wanted to try, for the rest of my time i sat and watched, taking images when i felt the moment was right.

Working with what weather i had i created a mixed portfolio of images, the main aim though this year was to create some strong silhouettes, a type of image i find i'm drawn more towards at this time of year with the deer. The advantage of grey days is the light can be kind, the dying old grass is a lovely colour and the colour tones are soft across the image so i took advantage to create some of my best deer images to date.

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