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September 2014: A summer with Kingfishers

For the past 4 years i have been photographing Kingfishers at a local reserve, some months have been kinder then others and i have been fortunate to photograph them in the depths of winter.

In early June i headed out to see if the first of the years brood had fledged, plenty of sightings of the adult male and a few swift visits by a juvenile male showed plenty of promise.

The adults are much more wary of any form of disturbance or movement so often took flight but as the months passed, the juveniles from both first and second broods became more and more intent on staying near the hide often spending up to an hour at a time fishing and preening without any sign that my presence was disturbing them. As the months rolled by, 2 and 3 kingfishers could be seen at any one time, chasing across the lake often with an adult in tow as he pushes them of his territory. 

One of the UK's finest looking birds has a very short life span of just a few years, often falling foul to Sparrow hawks or being flooded out of the nest site. 

It has been such a privilege to have spent so much time with them, lots of time spent in the twilight of day break, listening for the familiar call sound or the passing of a flash of blue. Seeing the young grow and develop, loosing the fledging feathers and seeing the feet start to turn a crimson red is what spending time with a subject achieves.

For a wildlife photographer to achieve soul to their images, spending time with a subject, understanding them is the only recipe for success, a mere turn up and take a few shots may create a portfolio of images but there is more to wildlife photography then that.

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