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September 2016: No Man's Land

In June 2016 i returned to Finland to head up to Kuikka which is a former forest workers' residence situated in the municipality of Kuhmo, on the border with Russia. My aim for this trip was to solely focus on wolves and knowing how skittish they are i decided that to get any chance of a sighting let alone obtain some images i would have to give them my full attention each day and hope that luck would play its part. 

I did this trip on my own, meeting up with guides at Wild Finland who looked after me whilst i stayed at their base camp. Nights were long, entering the hides around 5pm and exiting the following morning at 8am, mostly in hides the size of the average garden shed, the heat of the day making the hides the heat of an oven. Given i had chosen to do this on my own and to be in the hides on sole occupancy , staying awake and sleep deprivation was my biggest enemy but utilising summer solstice i had plenty of opportunity for photography with 24 hours of daylight, however for the long periods without nothing to photograph, those moments took there toll as the days passed. Sleep though was never an option, the wolves enter without sound so it would be easy to sleep and many did missing hours of wolf activity, luckily for me i came well prepared and the willing to see wolves kept me alert and i had 3+ days with them, never in my wildest dreams did i think i would see them so close and obtain images of them.

Many thanks to Lassi, Sami and all the staff at Wild Finland who looked after me, fed me and were always available should i need anything.

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