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<b>Matt McKean</b> is a UK Wildlife and Travel  Photographer who since 1995 has been driven by a passion to travel to some of the most 'off the beaten track' destinations.

This desire to travel started in Morocco and since then he has travelled overland through such countries as Ethiopia and Tibet and been aboard expedition vessels in the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctica.

To date over 40 countries have been explored across all 7 continents.

He has also climbed the highest mountains in both South East Asia and North Africa.

<b>Social Media</b>

Like many people and photographers, you can find me on Facebook where I post on recent projects, trips and other photography related news. I can also be found on 500px and Flickr. 

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        - Canon EOS 7D mkii

        - Canon EOS 7D v2

        - Canon EOS 7D


        - Canon EF L Series 200-400 1.4tc IS

        - Canon EF L Series 24-105 IS


        - Think Tank Streetwalker Harddrive

        - Gitzo 3 Series Tripod

        - Manfrotto 679b Monopod

        - Wimberley Gimbal Head Version ll

       - Kirk BH1 Ball Head

        - Lenscoat

        - Storm Jacket Pro

        - Sanho Colorspace UDMA2

        - Apple iMac / iPad

        - Lightroom 5

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